About Baleen Whales?

Answer According to the Sea World website, baleen whales appeared approximately 30 million years ago. The species of whale takes its name from its oral structure, which is made not of teeth, but of kerati... Read More »

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Baleen Whales and Pepper Experiments?

Innovative and interesting methods for introducing animal life don't need to be expensive or complicated. As some of the largest creatures inhabiting the Earth, whales are a point of considerable c... Read More »

Differences Between Toothed & Baleen Whales?

Whales are a part of the Cetacea order which also includes porpoises and dolphins. The two major groups of whales are toothed whales and baleen whales. All whales are warm-blooded animals with modi... Read More »

The Similarities Between the Baleen & Toothed Whales?

Whales are members of the order cetacea, which contains over 80 species (as of May, 2011) organized in 13 different families. Nine of these families belong to the sub-order Odontoceti, the toothed ... Read More »

What is baleen?

Baleen is the scientific name for what was commonly called "whalebone," an arrangement of overlapping flexible, fibrous plates that hang from the upper jaws of the sub-order of whales called mystic... Read More »