About BTU & Air Conditioners?

Answer Air conditioners are among the most expensive appliances in a home. To make informed purchasing decisions, consumers must possess a fundamental understanding of what air conditioners do and how man... Read More »

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What do conditioners do?

Conditioners help make hair easier to comb out & provide oil/moisture for the hair.You probably don't notice a difference because your hair is short & the oils from your scalp are enough to keep it... Read More »

Who invented air conditioners?

The air conditioner was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. He developed the air conditioner in 1902, just one year after graduating Cornell University with a master's degree in electrical enginee... Read More »

Who makesTempstar air conditioners?

Tempstar air conditioners are made by Tempstar Heating & Cooling of Lewisburg, Tennessee. In addition to air conditioners Tempstar also produces several different models of heat pumps and furnaces.... Read More »

When are air conditioners on sale?

Air conditioners usually are on sale during the winter, according to Money Central. The appliances are used most often from May through September. As cool weather arrives, the demand for air condit... Read More »