Abortion after six months?

Answer I believe they only do abortions up to 22 weeks... and if your six months preg. your past 22 weeks.

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You are 13 and 6 months pregnant can you have an abortion?

anyone can have an abortion if you don't want the baby- but isn't 6 months pregnant a little late to be thinking about that ...

Where in nyc can you get an abortion if im four months pregnant?

Check with NAF or Planned Parenthood in your area, they know: National Abortion Federation 1-800-772-9100 Planned Parenthood 1-800-230-PLAN

Is 3 months to late for an abortion?

No it's not but some states have a limit on 3 months so you might have to travel to another state. In the USA you can have a abortion up to the 20th week in some states.

Will it hurt to get an abortion at 2 months?

Will it hurt emotionally or physically? Every medical procedure can potentially hurt, even with medication. In the case of abortion, I think the emotional pain will last far longer than any physica... Read More »