Abnormal mole on child. Don't know what to do?

Answer At eight years old, getting any kind of operation however minor will be unpleasant and unless he is an exceptionally mature child it will probably upset him as he won't fully comprehend the situati... Read More »

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You have a baby mole and its blooding and you dont know what to give it?

Im 14 and your boyfriend wants you to get pregnant so you can have a child im scared to tell him no and you dont think im ready for a child he is 14 too what should you do?

First of all it is illegal in most western countries to have sexual intercourse at 14.It is doubtful any 14 year old is able to support a child, either financially or emotionally.Tell him you are n... Read More »

How much money is The Mole paid on the reality show The Mole?

No, Clay was the runner up in Season 2. The winner was Ruben Studdard.

How much was the mole paid on the reality tv show The Mole?

In the TV Show "The Mole" the mole, or the saboteur, is usually paid the total amount that he/she prevents his/her teammates from earning throughout the games and challenges. It usually amounts to ... Read More »