Abiyoyo Art Lessons?

Answer "Abiyoyo" is an African folktale revolving around a boy and his father, whose village is terrorized by Abiyoyo the giant. The story has been published as a story song by folk singer Pete Seeger and... Read More »

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Lessons for Art?

Art is an important part of a balanced and well-rounded curriculum for school children. For young learners, painting and using hand-eye coordination is an integral part of motor skill development. ... Read More »

3D Art Lessons?

Three-dimensional art lessons can be used for students of any age and include many different types of art. Such 3D art can include sculpture, dioramas, collages and papier-mâché. Depending on the... Read More »

ESL Art Lessons?

Learning English as a second language (ESL) is often viewed as a basic process of memorizing words and phrases and learning how to use them in speaking and writing. But applying English to other as... Read More »

Fun One Day Art Lessons?

Not only is art enjoyable, but it also offers a host of educational benefits. Art allows for creative exploration and expands the imagination. Art projects promote listening and critical thinking s... Read More »