Abandoned Property of Tenants or Renters Laws in Tennessee?

Answer State laws govern the rights landlords have when their tenants abandon property without properly terminating their leases. In most states, landlords have duties to safeguard their tenants' abandone... Read More »

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Tenants and Abandoned Property Laws in New York State?

Most states allow landlords to sell or dispose of personal property their tenants leave behind after an eviction. Bailment laws in some states require landlords to hold a tenant's abandoned propert... Read More »

Can a landlord property owner buy renters insurance liability coverage on a tenants behalf?

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Laws on Theft of Property by Tenants?

Laws regarding theft of rented property carry stiff penalties in all states across the U.S. Tenants must be truthful, use proper identification, and must not falsify any personal information when a... Read More »

Tennessee Marital Property Laws?

What is and isn't considered marital property in the event of divorce depends on the state where the couple made their marital home. Tennessee is an equitable distribution state. That doesn't mean... Read More »