Aaarrghh how to cancel print jobs from MS Word?

Answer How many computers are able to print to that printer? Is it shared, or is it only for 1 PC?Try what other person said about 'cancel all documents'....If that doesn't work, try this:>Click 'start'>C... Read More »

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How do I cancel print jobs in Vista?

Double-click the printer icon on the taskbar at the bottom, right of the screen. The printer queue will appear. Right-click on the running or pending print job. Click "Cancel" to cancel the job. Al... Read More »

How to Cancel Print Jobs in Vista?

Whenever you create a new print job in Vista, it automatically gets sent to a queue where it waits for its turn to be printed. Print jobs waiting in the queue are printed in the order of their crea... Read More »

How to Print Multiple Print Jobs to a Single PDF in Linux?

There are times when you may feel the need to combine multiple documents into a single PDF file to save as a copy or to share it for review, notification, or other purposes. PDF documents preserve ... Read More »

How can i cancel a print?

Start...printers and faxes...double click your printer...highlight the job(s)....right click...cancel.