Aaarrghh how to cancel print jobs from MS Word?

Answer How many computers are able to print to that printer? Is it shared, or is it only for 1 PC?Try what other person said about 'cancel all documents'....If that doesn't work, try this:>Click 'start'>C... Read More »

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How do I cancel print jobs in Vista?

Double-click the printer icon on the taskbar at the bottom, right of the screen. The printer queue will appear. Right-click on the running or pending print job. Click "Cancel" to cancel the job. Al... Read More »

How to Cancel Print Jobs in Vista?

Whenever you create a new print job in Vista, it automatically gets sent to a queue where it waits for its turn to be printed. Print jobs waiting in the queue are printed in the order of their crea... Read More »

How can we print a print file created in MS word directly from command prompt with a printer connected to usb.?

You can "share' your own (or any) printer, and map it to LPT1 via NET USE. net use lpt1 \\yourpc\sharename /persistent:yes If you still want to print from MS Word via the command prompt, seems that... Read More »

How to Remove Print Jobs From Spooler in XP?

A print job is sent to your printer as a "spooled file," and it is queued in the Print Spooler. Problems with your printer can cause print jobs to remain in the queue even after they are canceled. ... Read More »