AWD System Specs?

Answer Automobile manufacturers are producing more vehicles with all-wheel drive. There are two types of all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive aids in vehicle movement through unstable terrain, but the feature... Read More »

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How to Find System Specs?

Ever wondered where your computer stores all the info about itself?This is an article on how to find the current specifications (specs) of your Windows PC and save them if you want to.

How to Check System Specs?

Computer users should familiarize themselves with the specifications of their machines. This information is valuable when it comes time to upgrade components or download new drivers for existing co... Read More »

Compaq S700 System Specs?

The Compaq S700 is a monitor produced in the late 1990's that is compatible with many Compaq Desktops. In an August 18, 1999 review, PC World called the monitor an all-around average display, laudi... Read More »

Dell D830 System Specs?

The Dell D830 is a laptop computer that is part of the Latitude series of laptops. Laptops typically sacrifice performance for being small and lightweight, but the D830 is a higher-end model and of... Read More »