AVG udating dialup vs dsl?

Answer go to start, go to connections and delete the dial up connection because you have a cable hookup.if you use it to get online , go to Internet Options and change your priorities on how to get online... Read More »

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How slow is 56k dialup?

Works VERY slow compared to broadband, but it will work decent for text based web sites like craigslist etc.Configure it right with none of most isp's bullshit software, just use the dialer in wind... Read More »

How to Connect to MSN Dialup?

Dial-up Internet connects people to the Internet using their existing phone line. MSN dial-up service comes with helpful features, such as a firewall, spyware software, Internet acceleration for fa... Read More »

How to Use a Cell Phone for a Dialup ISP?

Using your phone for a dial up Internet service provider (ISP) will allow you to connect to the Web anywhere that you can get a signal. While it won't be as fast as a DSL connection, it will enable... Read More »

I have great dialup!?

What, connecting more than one computer to the Internet using Dial-up?Having more computer to connect to the Internet is better with a broadband connection. Have you tried comparing the speed of a ... Read More »