AVG says virus is removed, 2 min later they say it's removed again.?

Answer first off, AVG sucks... like hardcore.... id get rid of it and replace it with something else (like literally anything is better then avg, hell having no AV is better then avg -.-)and since alot of... Read More »

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Why do women pencil in removed eyebrows, but don't draw back their removed leg hair?

lmaoooooo !! say the darnest things

I had a tooth removed 5 days ago n im still in as much pain as i was about 12hrs after it was removed?

Sounds like Dry Socket to me!! OUCH!!!! Not much you can do for it but wait, don't drink Carbonated bevarages or drink with a straw! no smoking!!!!! Try to keep you mouth moist at all times, kee... Read More »

My usb got infected by a virus trojan horse. how will this be removed?

You mean your usb flash drive. you need to use a computer that has a good antivirus software on it like norton (2005 onwards) that has been recently updated. Plug the flash drive into the pc, if au... Read More »

Us Cyber Comand Moneypak popup removed, but not sure of virus?

Download Malwarebytes to make sure they pick up anything missed by avast, and true avast does miss a virus time to time