AVG re-installed again?

Answer Just get the free AVG protection which includes the ticks beside the website to say whether it's safe or not

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Windows 8 is installed but have to install again help!?

Did you try what I had mentioned last time I answered this question? Attempting to erase all partitions and reinstall Windows?

My daughter installed firefox on our pc and I want to prevent her from doing it again?

To be totally honest with you what joelj1964 told you is 100% right. You should listen to your daughter since she knows a hell of a lot more about internet security then you do.Bisquedog is right a... Read More »

Just reinstalled Windows XP. Is it normal to have same updates installed over and over again?

if u mean that u want to install updates for ur new xp, then u can. but be sure to restart after every update

I accidentally deleted my Facebook app on my iphone when I go to the app store to download it again it says it is installed However the app icon is not showing up on my iphone How do I restore it?

It may be that you simply deleted a short cut, if so simply make a new short cut for it. Otherwise uninstall that app and download it again.