AVG or Kaspersky which one should i choose?

Answer Kaspersky, I have it and it is fantastic, not one virus and the database automatically updates daily.-Also it is not very cpu intensive so won't hinder you computers performance.

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Who is Kaspersky?

Kaspersky, or Kaspersky Lab, is a software company. Kaspersky is known for creating anti-virus software as well as spam filtration products and network security. Kaspersky's main office is in Mosco... Read More »

Is Avira better than Kaspersky?

you can definitely make that argument, it was tops in detection rate last year and still is ahead of KA this year, has an awesome real time protection and is truly an incredible program, i would NE... Read More »

Who owns kaspersky?

Eugene and Natalya Kaspersky are the current owners of Kaspersky Lab, which was founded in 1997. The noted Russian-based Internet-security firm reported a sales turnover of $370 million in 2009.Ref... Read More »

Is Kaspersky 8.0 legal?

Kaspersky Administrative Kit 8.0 is legal and free to use. In fact, anyone can download it from the company's website (see "References"). The instruction manuals and reference guides are also avail... Read More »