AVG found rookit but won't remove but avast found nothing?

Answer avast! Free Antivirus is a great program. Also download avast! Antirootkit. It's also free & doesn't install. Your problem might be related to having 2 antivirus programs installed. They will confl... Read More »

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Avast! scanner found Green AV but I cant delete it because it is password protected, Help?

Turn off the restore program, restart, tap the F8 key, use arrows and enter, select safe mode with networking, get the free, update, do full scan. , restart... Read More »

Latest version of Avast found files it can't scan, do I have virus or is this normal?

Q: When the file scanning is finished, avast! comes up with a number of files listed as "unable to scan", even though I have used a thorough scan. Should I be concerned?A: Some files are permanentl... Read More »

Spybot found a malware but wont get rid of it?

You should use an antivirus program and antispyware software, because your computer is now infected with viruses and/or spyware.Here you have more information on computer security, as well as good ... Read More »

Doctors recently opened up my brain and found nothing but pomodoro sauce and a cod, do you believe me?

actually, I do believe you!!!! However, I am somewhat shocked!! I wasn't expecting the cod!