AVG Free 8.5 Won't Update?

Answer New viruses are written and unleashed on the Internet every day. When they're discovered, manufacturers of anti-virus software like AVG are able to update the users of their programs with definitio... Read More »

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My windows firewall wont update.?

i don't think windows firewall has updates i may be wrong but i don't so ???

AVG wont update, bin file missing?

I came across the same problem but got it sorted.1 - Start up AVG,click Update Now.2 - The list of updates is shown in Popup, click on the more information link.A list of updates will be shown.3 - ... Read More »

I just got a Gopro a cuple of weeks ago my laptop wont let me update it?

What are you trying to "update"? The firmware?If so, then I'd suggest reading the instructions provided by GoPro. I don't own a GoPro but I would imagine it works very much like it works for my Can... Read More »

Will you pay once you update a once free app?