"AV-Croc" Vs. "Croc 2"?

Answer Flat irons, or straightening irons, are a type of hair tool. Flat irons can smooth frizzy strands, straighten curly locks or style any hair type into a sleek, modern 'do. There are many flat irons ... Read More »

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How to Put on Croc Charms?

Crocs have become very popular footwear. Further fueling the Croc trend is the ability to personalize Crocs with different charms. These charms are called jibbitz. Jibbitz come in a wide variety of... Read More »

Is Croc a Fortune 500 company?

No, Crocs, Inc. is not a Fortune 500 company. Known for its Crocs line of footwear, the company began in 1999 as Western Brands, LLC and the name changed to Crocs, Inc. in 2005. Headquartered in Ni... Read More »

Are Croc shoes edible?

Croc shoes are not edible, according to the official Croc company blog. They are not made of any edible materials and are dyed with coloring that is not food safe. If someone were to try to eat Cro... Read More »

Homemade Croc Jewelry?

The ventilation holes on the top of Crocs and shoes like Crocs lend themselves to the addition of small charms to fit in the holes. Crocs calls the charms that they sell for their shoes "Jibbitz." ... Read More »