ATV Trails in Sycamore Creek, AZ?

Answer Embark on an all-terrain-vehicle-powered adventure in the secluded Pajarita Wilderness. Desert streams and rugged canyons surround the Sycamore Creek area of Arizona. Rugged trails lead from Sycamo... Read More »

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How do I use sycamore as firewood?

Splitting and SeasoningCut sycamore logs to fit in the pit or fireplace. Split the cut logs with a maul to speed up the drying process. Stack the split sycamore logs in alternating layers at 90 deg... Read More »

What is the scientific name of the sycamore tree?

How to Draw a Sycamore Tree?

Sycamore is a name which is applied at various times and places to three very different types of trees, that have somewhat similar leaf forms. Lets’ draw one! Note: You will need papers, pencils,... Read More »

How do I plant sycamore trees?

Prepare the SoilPlant your sycamore tree in well-draining soil, in a spot that receives eight hours of sunlight per day. If your soil has poor drainage, use a shovel or garden tiller to turn in str... Read More »