AT&T Yahoo! DSL Web Browser?

Answer Go to login to your account and then click on My Account, click on My Services next to My Account. Click on My Internet Customized browser. It will download yahoo messenger as well.

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Where do i find the browser update for sbc yahoo browser? - that is the update center for your browser.. or you can go to

Which browser does AT&T use for SBC Yahoo?

AT&T does not use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. In fact, AT&T uses its own custom browser called the SBC Yahoo! Browser. The custom browser features "tabbed browsing," which allows y... Read More »

How to Install the AT&T Yahoo! Browser?

AT&T Yahoo!'s DSL service comes with a modified version of the Internet Explorer 9 browser, which offers you a quick connectivity to AT&T, Yahoo! email and Internet features. Although you do not ne... Read More »

How Do I Update My Yahoo! Browser?

Yahoo! does not have a browser specifically exclusive to the company. However, there are several browsers recommended to use with all Yahoo! sites and applications. Updating these browsers is a sim... Read More »