AT&T U-Verse or DirecTV which one is better?

Answer I have at&t u verse and i like alot more then directv. The channel's change fast. You can record 4 shows at one time instead of two. The dvr hd box is a no charge. And they will give u two more hd ... Read More »

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What hd channels do directv caryy but att u-verse do no?

Okay people asked you what CHANNEL it was on not how much it freaking COST ! like did yall get the QUESTION at all ?channel 185 or 186 its called spike

Have a Tevion with DVD player tv model MD 6421 adding directv. need code to set up directv remote?

You are out of luck. Both Directt and Dish 's remote control have a very limited amount of programmable codes for "off-brands" of TVs. Especially those that are TV/DVD combos. You best bet is to bu... Read More »

Where can you find a place to buy the magazine for directv programming without having to go through directv and being charged monthly?

Only Directv offers ACCESS magazine. You may be able to get 4 months free if you call and ask for it.

Can you use a ethernet splitter to divide a PC and directv hd receiver on a single port modem to use both computer and directv on demand?