ATI or Nvidia Intel or Amd?

Answer You're getting such a variety of answers because we have no idea about your computer budget and your purpose.nVidia is typically better bang for the buck than ATI, especially in mid-range gfx cards... Read More »

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Nvidia GT 630M vs. Intel HD 4000?

The GT 630M would be better than the Intel HD 4000, but not by much. It would provide a better viewing experience for HD video and a slightly better gaming experience.

AMD Radeon HD 7670M (1 GB) vs nVidia GeForce 610M (2 GB) vs Intel GMA HD?

The one with the AMD Radeon graphics is by far the best. In gaming, you want to pay attention to how powerful the graphics processor (GPU) is. The 7670M is roughly 2 times faster than the 610M. The... Read More »

Which motherboard and nvidia graphic card is compatible with intel core i7 930 processor?

For your processor,any motherboard with LGA1366 will be sufficient.I recommend ASUS motherboards and you can get good boards like RAMPAGE III Formula,Extreme,P6T etc. They are known for their relia... Read More »

Is there any actual evidence to back up the claim that Intel CPU's should be paired with Nvidia cards and AMD?

Absolutely not. Only some computer illiterate noob would invent that impression.Processors are NOT picky, or, "manufacturer specific" to which card gets installed on the motherboard.