ASUS BIOS Beep Code Errors?

Answer When a computer starts up, the basic input/output system runs a program called power-on self-test, which checks the status of the random access memory, central processing unit, graphics adapter and... Read More »

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My pc wont starts. it makes beep-beep-beep sound continueously. please help me to fix the problem.?

How many beeps before it stops? Its important to know the exact number.

Bios Beep Help! FIRST Build!?

Have a look at the Q-LEDs on your motherboard. It should tell you where the error is.Things to try:-Clear CMOS-Re-seat RAM-Make sure the 8-pin CPU power connector is connected properly-Try installi... Read More »

How to Recover a BIOS ASUS?

A computer's BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a firmware program flashed onto an EEPROM chip on the computer's motherboard. This program dictates how the motherboard communicates between all har... Read More »

How to Check BIOS in Asus?

Asus periodically releases BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) updates for their motherboards that address problems and make the system board more compatible with various types of hardware. BIOS updat... Read More »