ARP Big Block Chevy Main Stud Torque Specs?

Answer Engine bolt torque specs are usually specific to a particular engine. Automotive products manufacturer ARP, however, provides brand-specific torque specs for each of its fasteners. ARP main stud ki... Read More »

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Big Block Main Stud Torque Specs?

A big block engine is an engine with a large displacement. In general, the big block label is reserved for engines with a displacement of 400 cubic inches or larger. Big block engines are nearly ex... Read More »

2001 Chevy S-10 Main Bearing Torque Specs?

The main bearings in a 2001 Chevy S-10 are the largest bearings on the engine's crankshaft. There are two main bearings on any engine, one front and one rear. These bearings allow the crankshaft to... Read More »

Torque Specs for a Small Block Chevy?

Achieving the proper torque to tighten bolts and fasteners when assembling the small block Chevy is critical. When using factory fasteners (bolts and nuts), be certain to use GM's recommended torqu... Read More »

Chevy Small Block Bolt Torque Specs?

Offered in several different displacements and retaining a high degree of parts interchangeability, Chevy small block engines are a favorite among auto enthusiasts for modification and upgrades. An... Read More »