ARGH anything to help with my period pains please answer!!?

Answer I know a bath might seem a bit gross, but I've found what really helps me is to run a really hot one and just sit in it - the relief is crazy!! Tampons can help to ease the ickiness in this situati... Read More »

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Pains and wondering if................ PLEASE ANSWER i need help?

Ok, it def sounds as though you are in early labour sweet! Yay!You need to start timing your contractions from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next. If they are regular and are comin... Read More »

Missed period Please help :'( 10 points to best answer!?

It is possible that you are pregnant, because pregnancy tests can give false negative readings. A doctor is the only one who will be able to tell you for sure if you are pregnant or not. I can't te... Read More »

I am 14 with heart pains please help?

Most of us cannot feel our hearts beating. You are suffering from anxiety. You should talk to your parents or your school counselor about ths.

Is there anything I could take for period pains besides some tablets.....?

Go to doc and get Norithisterone tablets .. they stop periods completely .. no more pain .. they won`t offer you them . you have to ask ..or .. diuretic tablets like Waterfall tablets .. when yo... Read More »