AP English Literature Activities?

Answer Students interested in earning college credit while in high school should consider taking an Advanced Placement (AP) course in English literature. The AP English Lit. course leads students through ... Read More »

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English Literature Activities?

English literature activities can bring books and authors to life in the classroom or at home. Children, students, and family members can become excited about reading through participation in inter... Read More »

Interesting Activities for Teaching English Literature in the ESL Classroom?

Alien cultural references, unknown idioms and strange vocabulary make teaching English literature to ESL students especially challenging. Engaging the students while teaching the story and its sign... Read More »

Comparison & Differences Between the Teaching of French Literature & English Literature?

The earliest work of French literature dates from the ninth century, while the oldest English text, "Caedmon's Hymn," originates even earlier, in the seventh century. Both literatures offer a long ... Read More »

What is the difference between literature in English and English literature?

English literature is literature written in England, while literature in English is any country's literature translated (or, if English and American literature, not translated) into English.