AMZECUA Bio disc IS it real does it work ?

Answer What is bio disc?

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How does a blu ray disc work?

How does a dual layer blu ray disc work?

There can be no single answer to the "best" brand. Before buying a television, set your size and budget range and then get to see as many models as you can. See what features each of them has and m... Read More »

My disc drive does not work. Any solutions?

Hello, Right click and uninstall theCD-ROM, DVD ROM driver in the device manager and restart the computer. The operating system would attempt to install the required driver automatically. If this d... Read More »

Will a us blu ray disc work on a UK blu ray disc player?

It is unlikely that US material will work on European equipment for two reasons. First, North America operates on a 60Hz field rate, meaning that images are delivered to the screen 60 times each s... Read More »