AIM6.9 does not work on my computer?

Answer You did not say what OS you are using, nor what version and update level. If for Windows, does it meet the System Requirements: 1. Windows-2K or higher 2. IE 6.0 or higher 3. 128MB RAM and 5... Read More »

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Does Sims 3 work on older computers or does it require and newer computer?

it needs a shader 2.0 graphic card or higher. so you'll probs need a newer comp.

How does a computer work?

There is no AI in a PC.All a CPU does is add, subtract, divide & multiply ....very very quickly.Instructions come from software. The software sends instructions to the CPU in binary language (1's &... Read More »

The sound on my computer does not work.?

Have installed sound drivers? I had the same problem before because I forgot to install my sound drivers.

Does windows XP Pro work on a 64-bit computer?

Any version of Windows XP will work on a 64-bit computer, with one exception: The Intel Itanium processor can only run the IA-64 version of Windows XP. The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP ... Read More »