AHHHHHHHHHH getting braces tomorrow:S:S:S:S?

Answer Don't be scared!! Braces are not that big of a deal. more people have to get braces than don't. you will not look ugly!! I have braces and when I first got them I was thinking the same thing But th... Read More »

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For people with braces!Does it hurt getting braces?

Yes a little, 15-20 mins after you get them on you will probably experience mild to moderate soreness that will last a few days. Eating hard/solid foods is near impossible for the first couple days... Read More »

Does getting braces hurt I am getting them soon.?

Ok, I won't lie...It hurts a little when you get them on but it's like for a minute. Once you get them on, you'll be like "This isn't bad. Everyone said they hurt but not for me" But that statem... Read More »

Getting braces at 18?

You can't change the past, so concentrate on the future. Braces are not forever, and when they come off, you will have a nice smile. You will find others at uni that have braces. Just play down ... Read More »

I'm getting braces put on?

Getting braces does not hurt. Braces help straighten your teeth and help your teeth into a great smile. When your braces get tightened, your teeth will hurt for a few days or maybe a week or so. I ... Read More »