AHHH HELP ME...Im in such a pickle!!!?

Answer its CTRL+ALT+ down on the key pad.Thats how to work it on my school computer.

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Ahhh!! There is a Bug on my monitor screen! What should I do!!?

Ahhh I just burnt me finger.....?

cool water, wrap in a bandage to ease the friction from your beloved mouse, and pick up Salvadine wonders for burns. Edit: have someone kiss it and make it better

Eyeliner problem! please help I'm lost!!! ahhh?

Liquid eyeliner is not meant for the waterline, please stop using it or you will damage your eye.A lot of people will say to use pencil or crayon on your waterline, but that will only last for a fe... Read More »

OMG, braces AND palate expander Ahhh!?

Omg that sounds miserable. I'm sorry, but hang in there, it will get better!