Answer Happy wheels IS permitted, take a look at the famous youtuber PewDiePie who uploaded hours of happy wheels commentary.


My adsense ad shows on my blog, but adsense says that my data is unavailable?

Ok let me get this straight. It has nothing to do if you changed your blog url. Adsense will have unique publisher id for you, so you can change your blog url.If there are no clicks in ad's then it... Read More »

Adsense hosted account - mother youtube channel cancel.. can I add another youtube channel to my adsense a/c?

Is your adsense account still okay, can you access it, is it still active? if your adsense account hasn't been banned then you should be able to make another youtube account and link it to your ads... Read More »

Where do restriction enzymes cut?

Restriction enzymes are present in all types of bacteria. They are used as a defense mechanism against viruses (bacteriophages). Restriction enzymes cut a sequence of the bacteria's DNA between two... Read More »

How Are Restriction Enzymes Used in Biotechnology?

The biotechnology industry employs restriction enzymes to map DNA as well as cut and splice it for use in genetic engineering. Found in bacteria, a restriction enzyme recognizes and attaches to a p... Read More »