ADD meds and alcohol?

Answer The ADD meds are useless and do liver damage. So does alcohol. Both together are a prescription for a health fiasco. All drugs have toxic negative effects. Try Omega 3 fish oil supplements instead.... Read More »

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Prozac and UTI meds and ALCOHOL?

It's not recommended. Antibiotics and alcohol dont mix well, and to be honest neither does prozac and alcohol. Keep in mind that prozac is a mood alterer and stabilizer and alcohol is a downer that... Read More »

I have alot of medical problems & have been on pain meds for 17 yrs &will i need meds for life for pain manage?

You've asked the same question at least twice, and have not given valid details for anyone to give an answer. What are your problems? There may be answers for some of them.For example, are any of t... Read More »

If your husband has delusional disorder and is on medication which he cannot stop can you have a baby when he is on meds and will the meds harm a baby and will your baby get the illness?

Answer If your husband has done any drugs in the past then this can cause delusions (meaning weed, acid, etc.) If not, and he truly has a mental illness then it's best for you to talk to your fami... Read More »

Is soaking alcohol in a tampon and inserting it a viable way of introducing alcohol to your blood stream?

It by passes the liver, so you get drunk very fast. And it by passed the liver, so it takes longer to work out of your system. And it bypasses the liver, so you are more likely to die of alcohol po... Read More »