ADA Regulations for Retail Stores & Electric Wheelchairs?

Answer The ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law enacted in 1990 requiring public spaces (both public and privately owned) to accommodate the needs of disabled people. The ADA has five t... Read More »

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Does scan insurance cover electric wheelchairs?

As of September 2009, SCAN insurance does cover power wheelchairs and other similar devices. To establish coverage, the patient must complete an in-person interview, have a physician's prescription... Read More »

How do retail stores remove spyware?

Spyware is a type of software that can secretly monitor activities on your computer and transmit a record of those activities over the Internet to someone who sells that information. Some retail st... Read More »

Major Types of Retail Stores?

Retail stores sell a variety of consumer goods in a number of different formats. Retailers purchase the goods from a middleman known as a distributor or directly from the manufacturer. Stores may s... Read More »

How to Reset Shelving in Retail Stores?

Shelving can be an inexpensive way to merchandise product and add visual appeal. As inventory changes in retail stores, adding or removing shelves can be the easiest way to merchandise the proper s... Read More »