AC Delco Filter Specs?

Answer ACDelco offers aftermarket products for most makes and models of automobiles. It produces air, oil, fuel and transmission filters, all of which are available in retail auto parts stores. An online ... Read More »

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How to Convert From a Wix to an AC Delco Oil Filter?

Whenever you change the oil in your car or trucks engine, you should replace the oil filter as well. As the old saying goes, however, all oil filters aren't created equal. Bargain brand filters are... Read More »

Penn Delco Schools?

The Penn-Delco School district is located in Aston, Pennsylvania. The district has earned eight years of Adequate Yearly Progress by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. There are 3,400 studen... Read More »

How to Add Water to a Delco Battery?

There are three kinds of Delco batteries. The more common ones today (especially in automotive batteries) are maintenance-free batteries. These are sealed batteries and require no maintenance whats... Read More »

How do I unlock a Delco car radio?

Recontact Your BatteryRecontact your battery so that your Delco Call Radio has power again. When the power is on, you will get a code that says "LOC," meaning the radio is not working.Get the Six-D... Read More »