AC Delco Brake Instructions?

Answer AC Delco supplies OEM and aftermarket brake pads for all General Motors vehicles. They also have a variety of aftermarket brake pads for non-GM vehicles. When choosing replacement brake pads, it's ... Read More »

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Brake Booster Instructions?

The power brake booster, a large canister-type component that bolts to the firewall, consists of a large diaphragm and check valve. The power booster magnifies the brake fluid pressure after the br... Read More »

Geo Tracker Brake Job Instructions?

The Geo Tracker vehicles come with disc brake pads behind all four wheels. The disc pads are able to stop the car by applying friction to the inboard and outboard sides of the brake rotor when the ... Read More »

Brake Lathe Instructions?

When brake rotors wear down, they can be resurfaced or replaced. As a less expensive option, a fully-equipped mechanics shop can use a brake lathe to create an as-new surface on your brake rotors t... Read More »

Brake Repair Instructions?

There are many components to brake systems and thus many points of potential failure. Remedies to brake problems can include changing the brake pads if they're too worn, replacing a rotor if it's c... Read More »