ABS Brake Troubleshooting?

Answer Anti-lock brakes give you the ability to steer out of an accident in wet or slippery road conditions. To do this, the anti-lock brake system monitors wheel speed and releases brake pressure to any ... Read More »

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Troubleshooting the Brake System?

The brake system is one of the most important safety features on a vehicle. Longer daily commutes add up to more wear and stress on a system in which we place the safety of ourselves and our famili... Read More »

Power Brake Troubleshooting?

Automotive brake systems use a hydraulic master cylinder that operates a combination of calipers and/or wheel cylinders to apply friction and stop the vehicle. These friction surfaces and pressuriz... Read More »

Brake Booster Troubleshooting?

The brake booster in your car is one of those parts that does its job silently and unnoticed, until the day it doesn't work. Suddenly, you find that pressing on the brake pedal to stop the car take... Read More »

Electric Brake Troubleshooting?

Electric brakes are used in trailers. As with any other piece of equipment, they can malfunction and require repair. Brake problems for trailers may stem from a number of issues.