ABC Sound Games?

Answer Being able to understand the sounds that letters make is one of the cornerstones of literacy instruction. In order to read and write words, an understanding of letter-sound recognition is a necessi... Read More »

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On PS3, I use an HDMI cable and have sound for the system, video and audio, but no sound during games Help?

For the best advise contact your supplier

Vowel Sound Games?

Early phonics instruction includes beginning and ending consonant sounds, rhyming and short vowels. Long vowel patterns are introduced next. Teachers use many strategies to teach vowel sounds, incl... Read More »

Pc experts,How does this pc build sound, what games could it run?

For a budget it seems pretty good. Just make sure your power supply has at least 16A on the +12V rail. The recommended power supply requirements for a Radeon HD 7750 is 400 watts with at least 16A ... Read More »

Fun Games for Working on the Beginning R Sound?

Phonics is the cornerstone of literacy instruction and learning the sounds that individual letters make is one of the first phases of this instruction. When learning the sounds associated with indi... Read More »