AAA Battery Differences?

Answer I've done research on this at my university.. And here is a quick rundown on what makes batteries "better", there are 2 factors..1) The actual V (volts, usually an average)2) How many mAh (or, mili... Read More »

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What are the differences between ipod touch 1st and 2nd gen because surely if its the battery life only......?

well the first 1 needs head phones right but the 2nd got build in speakers :Dalso- New contoured design.Revolutionary Multi-Touch touch screen interface. Brilliant 3.5 inch widescreen display.Ambie... Read More »

Is leaving a laptop plugged in too long, when the battery is done charging, bad for the battery?

No its fine. There are a lot of rumors about things like this but they're not true. Your laptop battery can not be damaged from remaining on the charger after the charging process is complete.

My laptop battery only charges to 60%. Is there anything I can do besides buying a new battery?

How much longer does an 1800 mh Li-ion battery last compared to a 1700 mh Li-ion battery?

Answer mh is not a recognised unit of measure. Please edit your question.