A4 sheets of paper and a3?

Answer HiYou have to enlarge by 142% approx.

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How many sheets should you put in a paper cutter?

All paper cutters have individual capacity ratings. While a hand-operated consumer grade paper cutter might cut up to nine sheets of paper at one time, select electric-powered commercial cutters ca... Read More »

How many sheets of paper go into a shredder?

Paper shredder capacities vary, depending on the shredder model and purpose. Personal, consumer grade shredders can shred from five to 10 pieces of paper at one time. Select industrial shredders ca... Read More »

Can you press flowers between sheets of wax paper?

Press flowers by placing fresh flowers between two sheets of wax paper and closing the wax paper in a book for one to two weeks. A quicker option for preserving flowers is to place them between two... Read More »

Are 5 sheets of paper&an envelope more than 1 ounce?

Five sheets of regular paper weighs more than one ounce. According to the Print Industry Website, a ream, or 500 pages, of paper weighs the number of pounds marked on the wrapper. Thus, five sheets... Read More »