A website question...?

Answer Some of this is based on how the server you are hosting on is set up, but in simple terms and in most cases the public_html/foldername is the same regardless of whether it is subdirectory or subdom... Read More »

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How can I ask a question on this website?

You can't because your keyboard is a 135-a.67 and this website requires Alpha J 9'er.

Does anyone know a website where I can ask a question and get an answer?

CMS for question & answers website?

Yahoo! Answers will be available in other languages soon. Please check our product blog for the latest information on features.

Chat website question, advice?

Ok, for 1, there's no such thing as a "punk, scene, goth style". Those are all VERY different subcultures who frankly don't get along very well. Here's a breakdown: goths get along with punks. Both... Read More »