A website question...?

Answer Some of this is based on how the server you are hosting on is set up, but in simple terms and in most cases the public_html/foldername is the same regardless of whether it is subdirectory or subdom... Read More »

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CMS for question & answers website?

Yahoo! Answers will be available in other languages soon. Please check our product blog for the latest information on features.

How can I ask a question on this website?

You can't because your keyboard is a 135-a.67 and this website requires Alpha J 9'er.

How to Use an Online Question and Answer Website?

You have seen the "online communities" but what makes a social network a good place to find advice? Are the Q&A sites worth the time?

Chat website question, advice?

Ok, for 1, there's no such thing as a "punk, scene, goth style". Those are all VERY different subcultures who frankly don't get along very well. Here's a breakdown: goths get along with punks. Both... Read More »