A vacuum cleaner is a space entirely empty of what?

Answer how much

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Why do they call it a vacuum cleaner since a vacuum is an empty space?

It is usually hooked up to your kitchen sink p-trap or garburator under the sink, which is vented. This is the only vent you need for drainage.

How do you empty the cup of eureka vacuum cleaner cup?

The first automatic vacuum cleaner was patented by Hubert Booth.

What is the vacuum cleaner in space?

To answer this question I have to know what you are charged per Kw/hr by the power company. If you mean .10911 per kw/hr, then I need to know at what voltage.

Does a vacuum cleaner work in space?

No. First of all it wouldn't stay on the ground. and why would you need to vacuum? A vacuum cleaner depends on a difference in air pressure to operate. With no air pressure in space, there could be... Read More »