A tree fell on your car in the condo where you live can you sue for damages?

Answer Nobody can be held legally liable for an act of nature. Your auto Insurance comprehensive coverage will cover damages to your car. It does not matter who owned the tree or where it came from. If y... Read More »

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If a leak from my condo damaged the condo below mine and neither of us have insurance who would be responsible for paying for the damages?

If it was determined that the condominium did not bear any blame, then you are the one who would be responsible.

Does an Illinois condo owner have to submit a claim on their own insurance even if damages were caused by another condo owner's water leak?

This kind of unfortunate situation that occurs in multi-family housing must be addressed on two levels: First, identify the source, stop the leak, repair what's causing it, and clean up the damage.... Read More »

Is there a law regarding condo fees I live in a four-unit condo One of the members has not paid his condo fee for 7 months?

Yes, and the law is a local state law, plus the governing documents under which the association operates the property. Read your governing documents and follow the guidelines there to collect the p... Read More »

Upstairs neighbor washer leaked into my condo is she responsible for damages?