A strange predicament with the zune software?

Answer If it still shows as being on the old drive that was "fried", then there was never an uninstall before the re-install was done.You should remove the old install first, before doing the re-install t... Read More »

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Does one need to use the zune 2.2 software?

On One Hand: Not NecessaryAny version of Zune software can be used with Zune Mp3 players. Some people may find that their computer freezes when they install different versions of the Zune software... Read More »

Do you have to pay for Zune software?

No. The Microsoft Zune software is free to download. You can use the Zune software to manage your Zune portable media player and browse the Zune online store for music and videos to purchase. Downl... Read More »

I have a zune but no software?

Download the Zune software then.…

What Software Does a Zune MP3 Player Use?

The Microsoft Zune audio player uses its own software, known simply as the "Zune Software." The software may be downloaded freely from Microsoft and allows users to add music to the Zune or downloa... Read More »