A status to tell people to stop with the game requests?

Answer Dear Friends,When you send me game requests, you think you're the best.When I receive it, I throw a crazy fit.In the end, I just cross them out. Because I don't know what they're about.I end up ann... Read More »

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How to Stop People From Seeing Your Status Updates on Facebook?

On Facebook, a "status update" is a message you post to the site's "News Feed" which updates those you've designated as being friends to your state of mind, what you're doing or even where you are.... Read More »

How do you stop friend requests for Facebook?

Technically u cant but I found out a way that u can do it!!Sign in to ur facebook. Then from the top right corner click on PRIVACY and then scroll all the way down... look at the right where it say... Read More »

How to Stop Scam Requests for Assistance?

Don't you hate getting bogus emails from scammers asking for assistance to move millions of dollars? The right response will hopefully help them see the errors of their ways.

How to Stop All Friend Requests on Facebook?

Getting friend requests from random people that you do not know? Or do you have enough Facebook friends, and you don't want anymore? This is the article to help.