A star from you in return for an ice cold pint of Stella from me ?

Answer Do you mind if i swap the stella for a large glass of rose wine and where are you, im waiting!?

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Knowing Phil Daniels told The Sun newspaper that there is a chance for Kevin Wicks to return to Eastenders from the dead but how would he return from the dead if he returns and will it be in 2010?

Do you catch a cold from someone else or is it from being out in the cold?

you can catch a cold directly from someone or from the air outdoors

How to Be Like Stella from Winx Club?

We all know Stella from Winx Club. Some people want to be like her! Just follow these easy steps!

Are the borg from Star Trek based on the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica?

The Borg were introduced before Battlestar Galactica was on screen so no. Answer:Battlestar Galactica (and the Cylons) were a 1978 TV series. Star Trek (and the Borg) didn't get together until the ... Read More »