A shocking picture I saw on the internet. Please tell me it's fake?

Answer Its real. Its from crush videos. Read more here:…It says undetermined, but read on and you'll see emails and letters proving its true. Unfortunately, thes... Read More »

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Can I copy a picture off of the internet (sports picture), save it on disk and have printed on poster?

Internet pictures are at 72dpi (most often) which means that is you attempt to blow it up bigger than the size that it is on the computer, it will be really pix-elated and look kind of crappy.copyr... Read More »

Does this picture look fake to you?

Doesn't look fake. Flashes from cameras make things seem "plastic" or brighter than they normally are, so they appear to be different than normal. Try taking the pic with natural light next time. L... Read More »

How to Make a Fake UFO Picture?

Making a fake UFO picture is extremely easy. All you'll need is a digital camera, a friend, a Frisbee, some tinfoil, and a piece of sky.Here's how to do it:

Is this picture of Miley Cyrus real or fake?

there real... she said it herself on an interview with some radio show...someone already put all the info as one of the answers just look for it