A serious question this time, i promise.?

Answer i like antibiotics and/or radiation therapy

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I feel sad right now because my mum is really ill. This is a serious question so serious answers only please.?

hi there. I'm a former cancer patient myself, a survivor. I can't tell you if she has cancer or not, but it's a good sign the doctor has not called by now or asked her to come in earlier. She mi... Read More »

This is a very serious question.?

How sad :[Here are some treatments to look into:TreatmentMedications are the usual initial treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. Medications are often effective in lessening or blocking the pain sign... Read More »

This is a serious question- plz answer seriously?

The only time I use LOL is when I do laugh out loud. I have some pretty funny friends on the net.

Serious question folks... NO idea I had to do this...?

UNcircumcised aka intact penises should never be retracted by the parent, that should be left to the child when they are old enough to do so and the foreskin moves easily. Some foreskins are not r... Read More »