A serious Question about poop?

Answer Processed cheese and some dairy gives me, what I call, the big D.Maybe you're lactose intolerant. Or maybe your stomach just doesn't agree with junk food. If you're not used to it, it could be the ... Read More »

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Poop question Is this normal?

Well. it depends on how much blood. A little bit sometimes just means that your stools are too hard. You need to drink more liquids like water. Your stools will soften and it won't be as hard to po... Read More »

Why does coffee make me poop (Serious Question)?

Because you're a human.Caffeine is a diuretic which means it increase your water excretion, both in the bladder (pee) and in the bowel (which leads to having to take a dump and/or diarrhea).https:/... Read More »

I am watching the PIC, but I gotta poop. What happens if I miss the 1 millionth pregnant question?

You don't want to know. Ever see "Saw"? Just sayin.

Male contacts don't look! Ladies and medical professionals only! Question about poop.?

I always thought it was a direct result of the increased amount of Ben & Jerry's I consumed in one sitting. Do you think all us ILF Girls are all synced up?