A rant about a stupid girl on facebook?

Answer Okay.. I am going to tell you something.. first of all, Encore,Encore,Encore..*Clapping madly*...*standing up * for your standing ovation!!You may be a nerd..but, YOU have intelligence my dear!! Y... Read More »

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Stupid question about facebook post?

I think the abandonment comment was a little harsh and unnecessary, but let's face it, as a Swift fan myself I have to admit this is pretty on target. And I've seen much worse. But saying that she ... Read More »

I need things to rant about on YouTube!?

Watch the news, if that does not give you something to rant about, nothing will.

What is a site where i can rant about stuff that pisses me off?

Hey!Rant Rampage is completely helpful and you can rant on there anonymously. You can let out all of the things that's bothering you on there. luck!â‚® ᗪᴀʀᴋɴᴇss... Read More »

People who know more about breastfeeding than me - is this correct Some girl said this on facebook?

well, she's sorta right. it's true that formula has come a long way and it's true that formula is better than cow's milk, but breast milk is undeniably the best thing you can give your baby -- even... Read More »