A question to preschool teachers?

Answer Wow! Good job, moms! At 4 years, we like to see a child in the classroom who recognizes 10 digits, 0 - 9. It would not be a concern for a 4 year old not to recognize a two digit number yet. Be ... Read More »

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Helloo Can someone please answer my question about preschool teachers?

I'm not in Florida. In most states now, you need a 4 year degree to get a teacher or lead teacher position in a high quality program. But there are probably 2 ways you could find out for sure. O... Read More »

Preschool teachers!!!!?

Some Good Morning/Hello songs that I've collected over the years. Hope they can be of some help.Morning RapSay, “Hi! Hi! Hi!Hello! Hello!What a great dayFor school, you know!”Say, “Hi! Hi... Read More »

Any mother or preschool teachers?

I am a 4 year old teacher and I can tell you your child is doing great. It is completely normal for a child to not be able to write her letters in order. Her just being able to recognize them is ... Read More »

What do preschool teachers do?

Its hard to describe truly a preschool teachers job they are the teacher, caregiver, the pediatrician, psychologist etc. all wrapped into one.There are days were a virus is going around the room an... Read More »