A question regarding an error I'm getting on uTorrent?

Answer The usual reason for that is an indexing program (Google Desktop etc.) taking over the file. More info here:…

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I am stumped (A utorrent-related question)?

Are you sure you have not got it set to choose a port randomly at every restart ?you need to choose a port that is not being monitored in your routerby your internet service provider.they sometimes... Read More »

UTorrent question. I messed with some settings.?

the bandwidth tab is a very complicated tab, in the wrong hands of a person with a santa hat that's is clearly on to tight could stuff up your settings that may never be able to be fixedjust so hap... Read More »

Question regarding facebook.?

No, there is no specific algorithm. Facebook place it at random. so, both online and offline friends are shown at the same time.

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