A question please for pot smokers?

Answer I wouldn't suggest something to cover it up, you'd still be getting the ill effects of the smoke, plus nasty syntehtic chemicals aka air freshners. Maybe ask if they could put a fan on and open a w... Read More »

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Cigarettes smokers question?

You are right, Lower income people smoke , because they are lower income people and stressed out to the max. Upper class of course smoke, but they can afford it. I agree, keep banning smoking, on p... Read More »

Who cant wait for the NO SMOKING BAN!! Give us your views, smokers and non smokers!!?

I can't wait!! My Father died of Lung Cancer and DIDN'T SMOKE! It make me seethe when I think of the selfishness of smokers! They just don't care that they make you breathe in their smoke! I can't ... Read More »

Are auto insurance rates different for smokers and non-smokers?

Answer Maybe, I know of at least one company that offers a lower rate to a non-smoker.

Why do non smokers keep attacking smokers What are they scared of?

Most non smokers are from socialist family backgrounds and have pretensions of joining the educated and middle class . They think that by there silly protests will make them acceptable, But you may... Read More »