A question please for pot smokers?

Answer I wouldn't suggest something to cover it up, you'd still be getting the ill effects of the smoke, plus nasty syntehtic chemicals aka air freshners. Maybe ask if they could put a fan on and open a w... Read More »

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Smokers and non smokers please answer this i am 15?

i used to smoke newport 100s but i stopped because they really are the worst cigarette for you. and no you will not get addicted after one ciggarte. if you smoke more then one you might get a head ... Read More »

Cigarettes smokers question?

You are right, Lower income people smoke , because they are lower income people and stressed out to the max. Upper class of course smoke, but they can afford it. I agree, keep banning smoking, on p... Read More »

EX smokers ONLY please?

I'm 3 years non smoker, I found that the first 2 months are the hardest, after that I hardly ever thought about it and I couldn't imagine starting again now!edit: I had smoked for 5 years

I have a VERY important question about weed..please please please look at it. please?

It happened to me too, it took a couple of years before I was right in the head again, where my thoughts came out properly and there wasnt any haziness and loss of thought, its not cool.It takes a ... Read More »