A question pertaining to bean soup: What does soaking the beans do?

Answer A close up small red beans shows a collection of powdery, grayish "field dust", an accumulation of debris that covers all the beans. This surface dirt would be very hard to see on beans with light ... Read More »

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Do you add a raw potato while soaking pinto beans?

On One Hand: Keep Gas at BayPinto beans can cause flatulence. Adding a raw potato can reduce this side effect of consuming legumes by absorbing the indigestible bean sugars. You can add the peeled ... Read More »

Does soaking green bean seeds in water before you plant make them grow faster?

Do not soak green bean seeds in water before you plant them. It does not make them grow faster, but instead causes low germination due to seed cracking. High moisture content in bean seeds tends to... Read More »

Can u boil bargonzo beans with pinto beans well the bargonzo bean taste different thn pinto beans?

The flavors of the two beans will blend. Do you eat basketti with your bargonzos? (Smile)

A different question pertaining to babies who are breastfed by PAP’s?

At least in terms of foster care, once TPR has occurred, the courts have legal rights over the child. If a PAP wants to breastfeed her foster-to-adopt child (eww), then I would imagine she would fi... Read More »